Natural Pain Control

Many patients turn to pharmaceutical drugs to control pain. Unfortunately, the medications that work well tend to have serious side effects or dependency issues. Plus, the pain medication is not dealing with the root of the problem. Is there an alternative? Body work, such as acupuncture, chiropractic and massage has longterm benefits. Many people know that physical therapy helps with pain control. Yoga is also good for the back. Here is a video about yoga for the back:


Also, correct ergonomics helps. Good positioning in work areas is more likely if you have the correct furniture and equipment. Here's a link to Relax The BackPura Vida store.

Treat yourself to a few devices to get your movement habits on track.

Orthopedic Tests

Some injuries need surgery, such as a tear of a muscle or tendon. An orthopedic surgeon may tell you that surgery is unnecessary. So, what should you try next?

The first step in treating pain is to do the basic orthopedic tests and muscle strength tests. A body worker who specializes in orthopedics will test the area that's in pain to locate the source of the problem and any muscles that may be in spasm. Muscle spasms can occur as a result of an injury or as a way of compensating for poor body mechanics. Often you'll know you have a muscle spasm because you'll feel a knot in the muscle. But, sometimes it's not as obvious because the pain is in a different location than the spasm. Muscle strength testing is valuable because a muscle spasm also causes weakness in that muscle.

Shoulder pain

An injury to the rotator cuff may require surgery, especially if repetitive use caused a bone spur or a tear. If the injury is due to muscle spasm, it will most likely cause weakness in any of the muscles surrounding the shoulder blade, the problem can be addressed via myofascial release of the affected muscle.

Low Back and Hip Pain

Body work is effective for low back pain, even with disk herniations. With sciatica, an injury to the low back can cause a shooting pain down the leg. The cause is often tightness in the hip muscles, which is treatable with body work. Low back problems can also cause pain in the legs that requires the person to stop walking and rest, as in spinal stenosis. This is treatable with body work as well. Constantly resting a load, such as a baby, on one hip, can cause one-sided back pain, which is easily treatable with body work. Rapid weight gain can cause muscle spasms to the hip flexors, which can be treated with myofascial release techniques. Keep in mind that shoe orthotics are often overlooked as a possible treatment for low back and hip pain.

Knee Pain

Meniscus and other connective tissue tears can only be repaired by a surgeon but body work, such as acupuncture with moxibustion has been effective for knee pain.

Elbow and Wrist Pain

Repetitive use syndromes are usually the culprit for elbow and wrist problems. Change the ergonomics and try taping/bracing. Also, try different types of body work to see what will work for you.


If the pain is arthritic, you could try Chinese herbs. You'd need to see an herbalist, who's trained in Chinese herb formulas to get the correct formula to take three times daily. They would choose herbs in the categories that transform the phlegm and move the Qi and blood stagnation. After at least one month, have your doctor re-check the blood test for improvements in markers for arthritis. If those improve, the arthritic condition is likely to improve as well.